GregoRy Creek InN

Due to family health issues we have made a hard decision, will not be putting up the Christmas Display in 2018.  Thanks for your support for the past 17 years!

Come relive the history of the silent, holy night, which was the beginning of Christmas so many years ago.  

Sprinkled with the Christmas theme, begin by walking through some of the great events of Biblical history.

See God’s love as shown through the stories of the Creation, the Flood, and the Ten Commandments.

Share the joy in the birth of Jesus, see the wisemen as they travel to worship the new King, and rejoice with the shepherds who first heard the good news. 

See pictures of many of the miracles performed by Jesus.

Join in the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus praying in the garden, as well as His death and burial.  See representations of the cross and the tomb where His body was laid.

Stand in awe with the angel who announced the glory of His ascension into Heaven.